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Why Travel With US

We take away all of the headaches so our Faith Groups can focus on their purpose for going on their Faith Tour.

Many of our travelers may find it difficult and intimidating to travel to many of the regions that we operate due to various reasons…

  • Language Barrier (We pick you up at the airport and provide English speaking guides every step of the way)
  • Not getting full context (many signs, menus and materials in museums, restaurants and attractions are usually in the language of the country)
  • Advanced Bookings and Reservations are usually required in Country of origin
  • Different Cultural Customs (visitors may not know Countries customs to culturally immerse themselves)
  • Cash-based society (many establishments do not accept credit cards)
  • Limitations with public transportation and getting around (Many times smaller streets in certain countries do not have names, trains and buses end by a certain time, and it may be difficult navigating between different train lines and bus stations)

Mission Travel Faith Tours specializes in providing a truly local and memorable group experience with deeply knowledgeable Itineraries throughout each country that we operate in. Mission Travel Faith Tours will guide visitors and help them explore each Country without the difficulties that usually come with traveling to a foreign country that is culturally deep and unique.

Pastor Planning A Tour


Are you planning a Holy Land or Christian Heritage Tour for your Church Congregation?