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We help followers of Christ see the pages of the Bible come to life in Person. Our hope is that by traveling with us our travelers faith and love for God would increase. We take care of all traveling needs and offer group discounts.

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Choose Destination

Please select the destination and itinerary with which you would like to create lasting memories.

You have the ability to tailor your itinerary according to your preferences. Most prices listed on website are approximate and are based on church groups traveling together in their own private party.

We tailor to groups as well as individual travelers.

Step 2

Preferred Mode

Please indicate your preferred mode of travel in one of the following options:

  • Travel privately with your own party, less than 10 people. Slightly higher priced.

  • Travel with your own group of 10 or more people. Discounted group rate applies.

  • Travel by joining other groups. (Only available if you’re traveling with less than 10 people) – Discounted Rates

Step 3

Start Your Faith Adventure Now.

Call one of our travel specialists to unlock your faith-based journey.

Share with us what you’d love to see, and we will create your itinerary according to your preferences and budget.

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Our Faith Tour Experiences

Pastor Planning A Tour


Are you planning a Holy Land, Footsteps of Paul, 7 Churches of Revelation or a Reformation Tour for your Church Congregation?

We offer Pastor Discovery Tours so you can go before your congregation goes. Call Us Today!