Mission Minded Christian Couples Getaway

Hosted by Pastor Barry, Pastor Pete and Bob

Tour Dates : Sunday, October 31 2021 - Monday, November 08 2021

Cost: $3989/pp 

(includes roundtrip airfare from NY to Thessaloniki)

This is NOT your ordinary couples retreat!

Traveling to places where the Bible can come alive is what makes this getaway so special and unique. You get the best of both worlds! A fresh marriage building conference and vacation on location at some of the most important Bible passages we read today.

Mission Minded Getaway is a Christian Couples Retreat experience that will allow you and your spouse to escape from the stresses of day-to-day life by spending a week together, enjoying fellowshipping with others, intimate worship, amazing topical teaching/training, and most importantly the opportunity to draw ever closer to our Savior, with the added benefit of being on location in Greece following the apostle Paul’s footsteps from Thessalonica to Athens.

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MM Footsteps of Paul-Greece

Come join us and be refreshed by the Word of God, uplifted by inspirational mission-minded messages & worship. Every Christian retreat will be themed with a specific purpose.  Mission Minded Getaways are geared towards couples that desire a more intimate worship experience while on vacation. If you are passionate about wanting to be set free from past hang-ups coupled with the desire to share God's word with the world then a Mission Minded Getaway is for you. Come join us and expect to have a blast.